Eoghan In Zanskar Web

A freelance photographer and filmmaker who lives and works out of his home in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia, Eoghan got started carrying too much camera equipment on wilderness trips to some of the remote places in the world. Over the past fifteen years, many adventures have followed in some of the amazing places on this earth including a solar powered trek across the Zanskar region of India and a double helicopter evacuation in 96 hours from Baffin Island.

Eoghan lives with his wife, two amazing girls and their dog on the east side of the Sooke River. He runs a small computer consulting company from home and gets outside whenever possible.

The scenery changes and desire to capture truly spectacular imagery increases so the equipment carried gets heavier. He can be found anytime carrying Fuji mirrorless and Black Magic Cinema cameras, a DJI drone or two plus lots of other equipment.

Eoghan believes that photographs and imagery of large places and scenes should be reproduced as large as possible. His panoramic fine art prints have exhibited at galleries in the Vancouver area as well as at juried photography events in Toronto and Calgary.

His large format art prints adorn personal and commercial wallspaces as far away as Japan and Ireland.

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